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Special Friends

A specialist version of the FRIENDS programme for use with young people with ASD and attendant learning difficulties (age 9-13 years). Mindful of the high anxiety states associated with ASD and link to long-term issues with mental health Special FRIENDS.

Special FRIENDS builds on the proven strengths of the FRIENDS programme whilst also meeting a more specialist need by providing:

  • Additional routine and structure to sessions

  • Clear visual materials with age-appropriate illustrations

  • An outline of new vocabulary used in each session

  • Tasks offering a clear concept of 'finished'

  • Reduced literacy demands

  • Activities focusing on teaching empathy, self-regulation, problem-solving in the social and emotional world, thinking in positive ways and flexible thinking

The materials, the Group Leaders' Manual and Student Activity Book focus on the needs of students with ASD, educated in mainstream schools, specialist provision attached to mainstream schools or special schools with a focus on ASD and moderate learning difficulties.  

To find out more about training opportunities in the Special FRIENDS program and become an accredited Facilitator please contact The Psychology Tree.

If you have already completed training in this program you may like to order resources from the section below. Please note that you must log in to your account first to see these resources.